Saturday, 25 September 2010

Bryan's Museum 'Piece'.

Bryan's Museum 'Piece'.

If there is one single aspect above all others that I enjoy about smoking a pipe,it is the world wide bond that we pipesters share with each other. The enthusiasm for all things pipe orientated is amazingly infectious.
This was brought home to me recently, when a fellow Peterson pipe enthusiast,Bryan Gesinger from California, contacted me. He explained that he had composed a poem to honour the father of the Peterson pipe,Charles Peterson. The poem is currently on view in Peterson's Dublin museum (photo above) .

The Peterson museum houses many Peterson artefacts which helps outline to the visitor to Sallynoggin, the Peterson story and history. 

Here is a copy of the initial e-mail that Bryan sent me, it better summarises the amazing events that led to Bryan's Poem getting the major recognition it rightly deserves.

Hi, Jim,
About a year ago, I was prompted by my admiration of a newly acquired Peterson System pipe to compose a little poem in appreciation of Charles Peterson's achievement. I worked on it over a weekend, and the next week I sent Angela Fortune an e-mail inquiring whether the company might be interested in my tribute. Two or three days later I received a reply from Angela: Peterson was indeed interested, and if they liked it well enough, they might even send me a new System pipe for my effort! While I wasn't expecting any remuneration for the poem, I was certainly honored. I sent them the poem via e-mail, and shortly thereafter I received another reply: They liked it so well that they wanted my permission to display it in their Museum in Sallynoggin! This was mind-boggling. Of course I replied, By all means you have my permission! They also asked me to specify my preferences in a Peterson System pipe: size, shape, mouthpiece type.
About 10 days later I received a package from Sallynoggin, County Dublin (Peterson House). Inside was a beautiful System Standard and some tobacco samples. Some time later I asked Angela to send me some photos of the Museum display, which she did. I have them framed on my living room wall, along with a beautiful print of Mr. Heinrich Kapp's portrait that I recently acquired.
Here is the text of my poem”:

"My Peterson System Pipe"

Warm, season'd briar evokes the Em'rald Isle
Bespeaks the land of Jameson's and Guinness.
Mystique pervades the ingenious design
Of Charles Peterson's crowning achievement.
The natural, pure essence of tobacco
Its well-form'd bowl of aged briar yields.
Reflection turns my mind to County Dublin---
In Sallynoggin does my heart repose.

--Bryan J. P. Gesinger

Well done Bryan! maybe one day I will meet you and get your autograph.Your poem is quite inspirational.


  1. Jim,

    Thanks for another great post. I certainly agree with your assessment of the bond between pipe smokers world wide. I'm proud to say that Bryan is a good friend of mine and a founding member of the Bakersfield Pipe Club. I remember him sending the poem and we were all a bit anxious to see their reply. You can imagine our thrill for Bryan when they sent him such a beautiful pipe as a token of their gratitude.

    Thanks for sharing this great story with a wider audience, Jim.

  2. My pleasure Tom,thank you for your comments.

  3. Thanks for putting this someplace where it won't get lost again Jim.

  4. Hi, Jim,
    I finally discovered how to post comments on your site! Thank you once again for featuring my story on your wonderful Web page. It's a great honor to know you're sharing my story with other Peterson enthusiasts who love your blog as much as I do. Take care.

    Bryan Gesinger