Sunday, 8 August 2010

The Peterson Standard System Pipe.

The Peterson Standard System Pipe.

A 308 Premier Smooth Standard System

Photo:- a fine example of a Premier 308 shape.Sadly a shape no longer in production.

Perhaps the most famous and notable design from the Kapp and Peterson factory was Peterson's 'Dry System' pipes, patented in 1894. Featuring a small reservoir intended to collect moisture before it reaches the smoker, the 'System Pipe' makes for a cool smoke that minimizes tongue bite, the bane of every pipe smoker. Indeed, it is on this groundbreaking design that the worldwide reputation of Peterson grew.Coupled to the equally famous P lip stem, incorporated into the system pipes mouthpiece, directs the smoke flow through a small hole at the top of the stem,to the roof of the mouth.

Generally when pipe smokers get together and discuss the Peterson system pipes, they are divided as to whether they like, or dislike them,in particular the P lip stem which has many detractors.The main criticism being that in directing the smoke to the top or roof of the mouth, which can become tender and sore after a while through the concentration of hot smoke.
The cleaning and maintenance of the System pipes also appears to be problematic to some pipesters.Often the criticism is in regard to the 'infamous' pipe cleaner test,ie can a pipe cleaner be passed down the stem opening and out the opposite end easily and without obstruction.Of course smaller pipes are more problematic than the larger ones,coupled to the stem shape being more angular in full bent examples.I have never really found this to be too much of a problem, as I will use the smaller finer pipe cleaners, such as those made by Falcon,which seem to pass down the stem opening easily.

Personally, I enjoy my System Pipes, to me they epitomise the true essence of Petersons marvellous heritage and style.Being a habitual clencher I find the P lip ideal 'anchorage' for dangling from my mouth,particularly as the majority of my pipes are bents.I suspect that the majority of my weekly pipe smoking activity is with 'Systems',I just love em!


  1. It is really sad that the 308 is no longer available. I like the shape alot, and I would certainly like to have one in my meager collection.

  2. I have two system standard 308's and enjoy them very much..I too feel sad the shape was discontinued.