Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Peterson Quality

I often cringe at some of the negative comments made on pipe forums in regard to the quality of Peterson pipes.In some cases it is the old story of a lack of experience and knowledge of ownership of the extensive and varied choices in the range of pipes presented by Peterson. Often the negative comments are based on the writers experience of owning a basic entry level Pete. Thereafter they condemn all Peterson pipes, based on that limited poor experience.

I am privileged in that I have a good variety of high grade Peterson Pipes within my collection.In my humble opinion, Peterson have been consistent throughout their production of higher end pipes, in replicating a tradition of Celtic quality, at very reasonable price.This was born out recently with the acquisition of two new silver spigots, which in my opinion encapsulates the true reputation that they have for high quality craftsmanship.As evidenced in these silver adorned examples.

The first is an unusual XL23 Sherlock Holmes 'Le Strade' silver spigot.
High Grade XL23 Silver Sherlock Holmes 'Le Strade'.

The next one is a handsome silver spigot 68.
High Grade Silver Spigot 68.

I would suggest that these two pipes show true Peterson quality at it's finest.

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