Saturday, 28 August 2010

The New Darwin Series.

The New Darwin Series of Pipes.

The new Darwin series of pipes are large,sturdy, stout and feature the same military mount and ingenious moisture-trap found in other Peterson System pipes.
Recently released, just in time, to celebrate the sesquicentennial of Charles Darwin's "On the Origin of the Species" Darwin pipes come in the Sandblast,Ebony,Rustic, Smooth, Deluxe and Premier finish.The shape form is the B42; a handsome and muscular bent apple that appears to have been specially created for the series.

I have to admit that I am smitten by this new series from Peterson.They epitomise my ideal pipe, both in looks and functionality.The deluxe in particular is a very handsome specimen.I also enjoy how tactile these pipes are,they snuggle in beautifully in the hand.I am a big guy so it may be something to do with scale.Being so big I would imagine they will not be to everyone's taste.
Darwin B42 shape Deluxe Smooth.

There are currently some strange anomalies with the introduction of this series,the Deluxe in particular has been very difficult to source since it's introduction nearly a year ago.I was very fortunate to acquire one, but I know other collectors who are still waiting for one, almost 1 year on.
From enquiries it would appear that the problem is blamed on sourcing suitable quality briar.That is starting to ring rather hollow after such a long period from its initial publicity and introduction.
The official Peterson web site lists only four types,Deluxe,Premier, Rustic and Smooth.Yet I have managed to source two others ,Ebony and Sandblast. It would seem once again that Peterson appear to be missing the opportunity to maximise both accurate marketing and publicity,coupled to poor production targets for the introduction of a new series. I would suggest that the loyal world wide Peterson collectors deserve better. A great pity to stigmatise a brilliant new series.
Darwin Series Rotation:- L to R. Premier,Standard Smooth,Deluxe,Rustic,Ebony and Sandblast.

My Darwin rotation,left to right,Premier,Smooth Standard,Deluxe,Rustic,Ebony and Sandblast.


  1. The Darwins series intrigues me, Jim. I also have to wonder about the lack of the availability of the Deluxe. In your opinion, how does the deluxe smoke compared to a Mark Twain?

    Beautiful photo, by the way!

  2. Reply to Six Dollar Dave:- With regard to the Darwin smoking qualities versus the Mark Twain.
    My own view is somewhat biased Dave,as I say in the post the Darwin's were probably tailor made with me in mind!!
    I find them brilliant smokers,the bowls never heat up, because they are so large and the shape is so very comfortable for longer smoking.Personally I give them a slight edge over the MT's in that department.

  3. Jim, I haven't found anything as to the size of the Darwins. Is it safe for me to assume it's the System size? Also, do they come with a P lip or fishtail? Luckily, except for Sandblast and Ebony, I've found the collection (four) at one retailer pretty cheap (300$). Strangely enough, the rustic is the most expensive, if bought alone.
    I've never owned a Peterson and I would gladly go for one, but I haven't decided upon the model yet. Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  4. Just purchased a rusticated Darwin from the Peterson store across from Trinity College in Dublin - perfect pipe. I am not such a big guy - Mr Average, actually; but I love the cool smoke and the nice time to relax with no fussing. The best pipe I have owned. It was $80euro at the shop!

  5. I found my birthday present!!!

  6. The best bowl Peterson has ever invented. Why not try it on, for example the 302 XL series ? I'd sure like to have one - sandblast, please...