Sunday, 15 August 2010

The Great Explorers Series

Great Explorers

One of the main attractions for me to Peterson pipes, is the sheer variety of pipes that they produce. In 2005 they issued a series called 'The Great Explorers',celebrating four great explorers of our time. All four pipes in the series have hallmarked sterling silver bands with 'Peterson Great Explorers' engraved on them. Each pipe is also stamped with the name of the explorer who inspired the model.

The special presentation box was designed to promote the Great Explorers Collection and shows the four heroes,Ernest Shackelton, Robert Falcon Scott, Roald Amundsen, and Tom Crean with a summary of each man’s achievements.
Below the portraits are the four pipes in this magnificent set. Each of them, like the men they depict, is different in look, feel and distinctive character but the silver band on each stamped with the image of the ‘Endurance’ marks each as part of this set.

First is a half Bent Billiard. Robert F. Scott was born in the UK in 1868 and took part in his first expedition at the age of thirteen. He was the 2nd to reach the South Pole, beaten with less than a month by the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen.

Second is a straight Brandy. Ernest Schackleton from Eire took part in one of Scott's expeditions and tried several times to reach the South Pole. He died in 1922 during the preparations for his 4th attempt to reach the South Pole.

The third one is a quarter Bent Billiard. Roald Amundsen from Norway is one of the most successful explorers ever and he was the first to reach the South Pole in 1910, only a few weeks before Scott's expedition.

Fourth one is a straight Dublin. Tom Crean from Eire travelled with both Scott and Shackleton on expeditions to the South Pole. He was awarded the Albert Medal for gallantry in 1910.

All four pipes are large and may not suit everyone.The ones I have in my collection are good thick walled briar, with no evidence of fills.The only complaint I had with mine was that the stem fitting on the 'Amundsen' was a bit loose and really should have been spotted by better quality control .Given that the sets cost around $800.However the pipes are good smokers and have the attractive looks that people expect from Peterson.

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