Sunday, 29 August 2010

“Ireland's Giants”.

“Ireland's Giants”.

As well as being an island populated by mythical small people,Ireland was also famous for it's Giants.
People have always been fascinated by giants and the same holds true for me with Peterson Giant pipes.
My first encounter with these pipes was reading a reference to huge Peterson patent pipes in old Peterson catalogues.Since then I have been fortunate enough to acquire some,both old and modern.
By example here are a selection of some of mine.To give a constant idea of their scale I have placed a small patent, army mount billiard, immediately in the foreground of the picture.
The first photo shows the two oldest pipes both pre republics, on the left is a pre republic Magnum standard system.To the right is an XXL standard system.

The second photo shows the two different stem versions of the Charles Peterson 140th Anniversary pipes.

The third photo is of two versions of the famous Peterson 'House' pipes, a smooth and a rusticated bent.The 'House' pipes are all large hand made pipes and are primarily for house use,considered by some, not to be of a practical size for smoking outdoors.


  1. You've done it again, Jim. You have gone and posted some info I had not been aware of, specifically the size of the Charles Peterson 140th Anniversary pipe. I had no idea it was so large. And what a beauty it is!!


  2. Jim, altho I'm not much of a fan of giant sized pipes, I find the XXL appealing both in shape and color.

  3. I love "Giant" Pipes, especially the Peterson "House" pipes. I have a couple and they are great Virginia smokers. I also have a Bari Viking that is even larger and smokes VA like a champ, if I ever find the time to dedicate 3 hours to a single smoke, that is.