Monday, 19 September 2011

Something Special!

Recently I acquired a wonderful pipe from my old friend Gary Malmberg from Second Hand Smokes.The pipe was in need of some restoration,as it's original stem was missing.
I am hoping to bring this very old and significant Peterson Patent back to it's original pristine condition.
I will be sending it to the magicians in Dublin to see if they can bring it back to life.
I have enclosed a photo of the pipe in its open case. It is an 1896 bent Patent Deluxe.
I suspect that the original saddle stem which is missing, was probably an Amber one.
So what is so special apart from it's age?
Well, it is otherwise in pristine un-smoked brand new condition, as fresh as the day it came from the factory.
The case does not reflect its age and is also in pristine condition.
The pipe is probably the oldest un-smoked Peterson in existence!! 
My recent enquiry to Tom Palmer at Peterson, has born fruit, his magicians have confirmed that it is possible to restore the stem,although it will not be an Amber one.They intend to manufacture a replacement black acrylic saddle stem to fit.

I am very pleased that they are able to assist,as I consider this to be a very significant pipe from Petersons wonderful past.Watch this space for an update.In the meantime here is a photo of this marvellous pipe.


  1. Very nice Jim, looking forward to seeing it post-restoration.

  2. That pipe is in amazing condition! Good catch, Jim, and I am pleased that Peterson's will be producing a new stem for it.

  3. Excellent! Very nice Jim! Congratulations! What a find, glad that it came to you where it will rest in a place of honor among many fine Petes.

  4. Good Lord Jim! What a find. I think you have made a wise decision choosing the acrylic stem. It would be very difficult to make an amber stem work properly in that pipe because of the plug in stem.

  5. One Pipe to rule them all ... :) ... I cant wait to see it re-stemed. Lukas - Prague