Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Important Golden Oldie.

Here we have a very early 1890/91 Kapp Brothers Meerschaum. This is one of the most impressive early antique meerschaums I have had the pleasure to own.
The 1890/1 Peterson patent number is stamped clearly on the silver collar. It is also stamped with both K&P and KAPP BROS.

It is quite a large pipe ,with a nicely coloured  apple shaped bowl in good condition.
The mouthpiece is without cracks or chips or other damage, and it has a complete "orific" lip typical of this period of the 1800s,prior to the introduction of the famous Plip. (Note:- As far as it refers to pipes, it means the little rounded lumpy bit at the end of the stem/mouthpiece that stops it falling from between the teeth. It means there is just a round hole instead of a slot. The p-lip is a specialized one, most orific stems had a larger exit hole. Some were round, others were flat tapered.)

As an obsessive Peterson collector,my ambition over the years has been to acquire an example of a Kapp & Peterson pipe from the early partnership period. As the proud new custodian of this one, I feel very proud. Thank you Garry.

Here are some photos,I hope you enjoy the views.


  1. A most impressive pipe Jim.

  2. Thanks Chuck,I am very pleased with it.

  3. Hello Jim, thank you for this great blog. Please, keep writing. Greetings from Prague. Lukas

  4. Hi Lukas,good to hear from you.Thank you for your kind comments ,it is much appreciated.