Thursday, 22 September 2011

Peterson Dunmore Series

Peterson Dunmore Series

I have been looking for some technical information on the 'Dunmore' series of pipes.
This series has intrigued me for some time now, as it appears to have quite a few variants.
I hoped to clarify the background to this excellent series of fine smoking pipes.
The early  Dunmore series was first produced in the 1970/1980s.At this time the distinctive beading was on the shank of the pipe.
 Quote from the 1980 Catalogue :- “Beautifully grained best quality briar in light brown matt or rustic finish".
I always thought these earlier pipes were a wee bit strange looking,similar to, but not quite Systems. To me they had the appearance of having leather finished bowls rather than briar. I know,I need new eye glasses!!
There were six models, each were fitted with the Peterson lip mouthpiece.
Large -78,79,72. Small/medium – 74,73,77.
Production ceased in the 1990's.

The newer Dunmore's were re-launched around 5 years ago. They were much different from the earlier 'System' pipes, with the distinctive beading now on the top of the bowl. The series was restricted to certain classic shapes only, including the new “B” shapes. 

Peterson decided to cease production of the Dunmore in 2010, apart from any special requests. To my mind a great pity,as I rate these quirky pipes very highly.

The first pipe,an original from the 80's, is a shape 72 with a system bowl and P-lip stem.
Next a B10 shape with a system stem.

Followed by a B5 with another system stem.
The final one is a modern,beaded rim B11 shape with an acrylic fishtail stem.
 The rim beading is quite apparent on the bowl.


  1. Hi, Jim,
    I find the Dunmore, especially the 1980s variety, to be an elegant expression of Peterson's artistry. The recent iterations, well illustrated here, are beautiful specimens, too. Thanks for highlighting this fine series.

  2. My pleasure Bryan,thank you for looking in.

  3. Jim, I've got a shape 72 from the 80s, just like the one you picture. It a great smoker, and a bit unusual. Thanks for the info on the series.

  4. Thanks for this info, I was just trying to get some more info on one I found recently

  5. I've had a Dunmore very similar to your first illustration for about 30 years. It's a great pipe. I love that romantic, Nineteenth Century look.

    Over so many years of smoking, it has hardly darkened at all.

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  7. Thanks for the info Jim. I was informed only 2000 of this model would be manufactured when I purchased mine in 1978-still my favorite small pipe!

  8. I have Dunmore x105. Definitely a favorite of mine. I only wish I could find more information about it. Like what years these were manufactured. It's a straight pipe unlike the bents shown here. I bought it off eBay and would live to know it's history.....Mike

  9. What do these typically run in price?