Friday, 2 September 2011

Peterson diversity of shape.

To me one of the most attractive aspects of owning both modern and older Petersons is the marvellous diversity of shapes from which to choose.Apart from being distinctly Irish,quirky,eccentric and idiosyncratic ,they can never be accused of being boring or staid !!!

I constantly research and read about the Kapp & Peterson pipes that have been offered to pipe enthusiasts over the last 145 years. I am seldom surprised,however here are a couple of recent acquisitions that are "a bit different". I thought you might like a look at them.

The first is a huge pipe,a Magnum from around 1900.I have placed it next to a modern D6 Churchwarden just to give a sense of scale.
It is almost 20 inches long!!!

The next example is a marvellous 1916 Deluxe Amber Stem Squash Tomato shape. Very large and rotund.I find it a terrific tactile pipe to hold.
The dark briar is absolutely stunning in quality and is enhanced/complimented by the rich dark red coloured Amber stem.


  1. Another great couple of historical specimens, Jim! Thanks for sharing.