Monday, 16 May 2011

The New Mark Twains.

Since purchasing my own examples of Peterson's new issue Mark Twain pipes,I can now offer some feedback to those that may be considering purchasing them.

How do they compare to the previous issue from the 1980's?
The first and most obvious difference is that they are now being issued as a boxed pair,a Poker and a full Bent.The bents are almost identical in appearance,the new smooth version now having a shiny lacquered finish which is not to everyone's taste.Some smokers are concerned that the lacquer finish causes overheating.To be fair to Peterson, I cannot agree with that assertion,in the time that I have been smoking the new pipe,overheating has never been a problem.
The new pipes that I have are just as well made as the originals,the quality of finish and the smoking qualities comparable to the first issue.

As most pipe smokers are aware the original Mark Twains have a legendary  reputation for the quality of the smoking experience.In my opinion the new issue does not disappoint in this department.

The new Poker comes with fishtail stem only,it is a fairly large pipe which suits me .However I have heard complaints from some others that the pipe should have been slightly smaller and had the option of a P-lip.You cannot please everyone!!
I have to admit initially I was not too keen to have no option but have the Poker thrust on me as a set, in order to acquire the new bent.Again I was probably a bit hasty in criticising,as it transpires I have become particularly fond of the 'big fella' particularly in its Sandblast guise.

In looking at value for money and purchase cost,I have been amazed at the price that e-tailers are asking for this quality of pipe.Irrespective of those smokers who are boring fill and fault seekers.IMHO these pipes are excellent value for money.
More so in the Sandblast version,which obviates any overheating and filling issues.

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more Jim. Like you, I wasn't too keen on the poker but grew to really like it rather rapidly.