Sunday, 8 May 2011

Magic Morning Moments!

Magic Morning Moments!

As a pipe smoker I regularly aspire,on a daily basis to have a great first smoke .This situation has of course many contributing factors as I go through my personal daily early morning routines.
On analysing the key factors which may influence the anticipated potential for heightened pleasure and enjoyment of a good pipe smoke,I would list the following:-

1.Upon waking,giving thanks to the Big Guy above, that I am still alive and here!
2.Is my body functioning as it should,does it follow the sequential commands from the voices in my brain!
3.Opening the curtains, looking out and seeing Natures beauty and wonder.
4.Seeing my Wife's beautiful smile and responding to her asking me if I slept well.
5.My morning shower as the warm water refreshes both the body and the soul.
6.The smug achievement of successfully being dressed in good comfortable favourite clothes and footwear in a reasonable period of time.
7.Telling my Parrot to bugger off when I enter the kitchen and it asks “are you all- right?”
8.Enjoying a light breakfast while watching the chaos and tragic comedy of world news on TV.
9.Sitting in my favourite chair and switching on my computer to see my e-mail empty and that no one on Face-book wants to be my new friend!
10.Logging in to my Blogs and the IPPC forum and seeing many of my Pete friends on line.
11.Selecting a favourite rotation Pete and tobacco and taking the time to appreciate the pipes aesthetics and then opening the tobacco tin and taking a long hearty sniff.
12.Easily lighting the bowl mixture after thorough preparation and enjoying the wonderful creamy smoke of the successful initial lighting rituals.
13.Going into the zone for as long as possible and losing yourself.

Please excuse an old guy's pipe dream!


  1. No excuses needed my friend.'Tis a really nice picture you paint.

  2. I aspire to such a life well-lived.