Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Deluxe System Series Stem Shapes

Deluxe System Series Stem Shapes.

On a purely personal note,I have finally come to the conclusion that I do not care for the saddle shaped stems on the Peterson Deluxe System pipes.In fact I have stopped buying them now.I much prefer the tapered versions.
The only problem I have with that declaration of intent, is that for some strange reason the tapered ones seem to be in short supply.
I just cannot get the Saddle shape,I find them clumsy and ugly.To my mind they detract from the aesthetics of the Deluxe briar.On a more practical note I find some are more difficult to clean, owing to the narrow compressed shape of the airway.
The tapered stem is much more aesthetically pleasing and compliments the handsome Deluxe shape.
The photos below show the two in contrast,I fully realise it is down to personal choice and taste,however it is my blog so I will stick up for the tapered version!!


  1. Hello!
    Could you help me: may be you know any Internet shop where Deluxe System pipes are available with tapered stem?
    There is no supply of Peterson System pipes to my country (Russia), so Internet shops and eBay are the only sources of them :(

  2. Try here,link:-


    Hope that helps.

  3. Interesting observations, Jim. The only time I've seen a tapered stem is on the Mark Twains and the Darwins. I can't deny that the tapered stem compliments the pipe, but to eliminate the saddle stem greatly lessens the system deluxe's quixotic aesthetic. As to the "compressed" airway, I have an 02s with an obstructed airway, but it's an anomaly in a stable of otherwise wide-open deluxes.

    Perhaps my only complaint, one I've been ruminating on lately, is the comparatively mammoth size of the buttons on deluxe pipes. I much prefer the delicate button on older standard system pipes.

  4. Thank you Tom,I agree that there are certain elements of Peterson quirkiness that I find endearing,but the saddle stem on Deluxe Systems is not one of them.

    Re the stem buttons,in my particular case with having a big mouth, I find them ideal.LOL.

  5. Hello Jim, do you have any eperience on how long would it take Peterson's to replace a saddle with a tapered stem ? Thanks

  6. Hello Dimitrios,good to hear from you.
    If you are asking about a replacement new taper to an existing saddle stem pipe.I don't think it is as straight forward as you might think.My experience with Peterson is that they usually tailor stems to individual pipes.
    If they were to take your pipe for possible replacement it can take from 3-6 months to return.They are currently very busy and way behind with orders.
    I hope that is of assistance.
    Kindest regards

  7. Beautiful examples of the DeLuxe mountings, as usual. Personally, I like the saddle but my complaint with it is that it is so much harder to polish an oxidized stem. I have a hard time getting into that corner. I do agree that the tapered stem is very attractive but to me, the saddle is quintessential to the DeLuxe.
    Oh by the way, I'd gladly relieve you of the unsightly annoyance of any of your DeLuxe Petes ;)
    You know, just to help out a friend.

  8. Thank you very much Jim for the reply. I also thought it would take a long time.
    I've been following your excellent blog since the beginning.

  9. Although the tapered stem compliments most Peterson shapes, I found them difficult to clench. When I was still gainfully employed, I found it rather easy to "spit" a tapered stemmed pipe onto the dash or floor of the truck. I had no such problem with saddle bits. Now that I'm retired, I don't worry about "spitt6ing" a pipe because I've become a holder.