Friday, 6 April 2012


As a collector of Peterson pipes I get a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction in bringing older examples of the brand back to life.I have a particular affinity with those pipes from the Patent period. I never miss the opportunity to acquire any examples that interest me,even when they may be damaged or minus a stem.
For some time now I have had a couple of patent 'House Pipe' and XXL size bowls which have needed replacement stems.Not something that can be bought off the shelf!!
Following a recent acquisition,a magnificent 1908 Silver Cap XXL House Pipe bowl. 

I decided to contact the magicians at Peterson of Dublin to ask them if it was possible to make some suitable stems as illustrated in this old Patent catalogue.

 True to form, they decided to give it a go and refurbish three of my stemless Patents.
Here are some shots of the results, first the 1908 Silver Cap.

 Next is a photo of all three examples,1908 Silver Cap(bottom) 1901 Magnum(centre) plus a huge 1900 XXL(top), all complete with new stems.The small 303 system pipe is to illustrate size and scale.

 I am very pleased with the resurrected pipes and the great service from Peterson's craftsmen.


  1. Some great Peterson history there Sandpiper!
    You were not kidding when you said huge. Those three positively dwarf the 303. Wow!

  2. Bryan Gesinger7 April 2012 at 03:26

    Hi, Jim,
    Those are magnificent additions to your collection! The protracted stems are quite impressive, and I suspect they deliver exceptionally cool smokes, too!