Sunday, 22 April 2012

Moving with the times.

Peterson were kind enough to include me in a sneak preview of their new products for the coming season.
I have to applaud them on their current strategy of producing new progressive pipe series each year,thus maintaining keen global interest in the brand.It is all the more remarkable in the face of current world wide anti-smoking campaigns and adverse media attention.Unfortunately Pipe smoking tends to be included with cigarette's in this negative onslaught.However there are definite signs of a world wide pipe renaissance and Peterson is putting the brand at the forefront of a positive campaign to take advantage of this.
Having viewed the new seasons pipe offerings I asked Tom Palmer for some background on two of the issues in particular which I have noticed are receiving mixed comments and reviews on several Pipe community The Dracula and Iceberg issues.
This was his reply. 
"We always try to associate some Irish place or person , where possible, and link it with our pipes. Iceberg Collection is obvious as the ship  was made in Belfast.
However what may not be so obvious is the Irish connection with Dracula. The author, Bram Stoker , was a Dubliner and 2012 is the 100th anniversary of his death. Currently there is a little controversy in the city as some people want to buy the home of his birth and convert it into a museum. The house is in Clontarf on the north side of the city.
All of the pipes are classic shapes and the little difference is the colour of the mouthpiece---red/black!!
At Frankfurt fair in February and with visits from some of my biggest distributors, the Dracula series is proving to be the most popular of all the new pipes we have introduced in 2012 !!"

The Dracula pipes are due for sale around September of this year and will be available in selected shapes - X105, 221, 03, 999, 68 and 69 with fishtail mouthpiece only.

Here in the 03 shape.


Next is a shape 221.


 This one is shape XL105.


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