Sunday, 22 April 2012

Moving with the times 2.

The other new issue mentioned in the previous post was The Iceberg 1912 Collection which will consist of a four pipe boxed set due to be issued in May of this year.They are being offered in Smooth,Ebony,Sandblast and Rustic finish.With Fishtail mouthpiece.
I suspect that they will probably become available through time as individual pipes.

Shown below is a selection of smooth new shapes.Starting with the 'Bow' shape.


Next is the 'Port'.

This one is the 'Starboard'.

Finally to complete the set the 'Stern'.


  1. Those are beautiful pipes!

  2. Hi Jim, I'm too old to ask to be in your will. New to collecting Peterson only own 40, I believe it is a healthy illness that brings me pleasure. Question these iceberg pipes are regular sized or house pipe?