Friday, 27 January 2012

Satisfying the collector's lust for possession!

Satisfying the collector's lust for possession!

Early last year Gary Malmberg,the President of the Sacramento pipe club gave a talk to the members of the Golden Gate Pipe club. He brought along several significant old Pete's from his extensive collection. One of these was a really interesting one, a large 1912 Meerschaum figural Mastiff Dog carving. From the photos, I reckoned that the pipe was, in all probability one of the finest Peterson Meerschaum carvings that I had ever seen. As a collector of Peterson's my lust was unleashed!

Over the last few months I have purchased several older Pete's from Gary's wonderful collection.
I made it known to him that I was very interested in the Meerschaum Mastiff Dog figural pipe which he had shown earlier in the year and asked if he would consider a mutually beneficial exchange to allow me to acquire this outstanding pipe. Well I am very pleased to say that I am now the proud custodian of this quite exceptional and historically significant pipe.

Just arrived, I am proud to introduce the latest addition to The Sandpiper Peterson Museum collection!

Thank you Gary.


  1. A wonderful piece indeed, Jim. Congratulations on the acquisition!

  2. Hi there Jim.
    I was at that meeting of the Golden Gate Pipe Club [out of Telfords Pipe shop in Mill Valley, CA]. I even took that picture of the pipe at the meeting.
    I guess I'm the club's Peterson Fan. I purchased a pre-republic Standard from Gary a few weeks after that. Yea, Gary is pretty much the "guy" for older Petersons. I was quite lucky to see some of his collection at that meeting.
    Thank you too Jim for having this blog. I look forward to all your posts.

    1. Hi Morris,
      So you are the Peterson pimp (LOL) responsible for my affliction!
      I first saw your marvellous photo when it was posted on The International Peterson Pipe Forum.It prompted me to contact Gary direct.
      Much obliged Morris and thank you for your kind comments.

  3. They just keeep coming, eh Jim? I'm glad you obtained that pipe. It goes well with the rest of your extensive collection.

    Well done my friend.