Monday, 16 January 2012

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes -'Hopkins' Shape.

The  Adventures of Sherlock Holmes -'Hopkins' Shape.

Here we have another of my favourite shapes from the four pipe 'Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' collection. This time in the of the unmistakeable quirky dark, P-lip 'Hopkins'.
The shape is a rather artful take on the standard Cherrywood sitter.It has a long deep poker style chamber with an unusual graceful shaped stem.Like it's stable-mates, it is well finished and constructed.I would not recommend this one to those who like 'delicate' smoking vessels!! It is not a pipe for the faint-hearted ,it is quite chunky and weighty.
The P-lip allowed for my personal style of clenching,but I would not consider it suitable for long term dangling,because of the weight and shape.However as I have weird tastes in Peterson pipes,I like em big! I am thoroughly enjoying them.
Another worthy addition to my regular rotation pipes.
Photos below show the new Dark and a comparison shot with the 'Red' fishtail.



  1. Thanks for your wonderful postings, Jim, and for the great photos. Paul.

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    1. Thank you guys for your kind comments,much appreciated.

  3. Hello, I am Jim and new to this blog. I have procured a nice "Peterson Yeats 12-10-12." That is the tag hung by the online store, anyway. I'll attempt posting a picture or two if that is permissible. It is a half-bent 'tankard style sitter' in appearance, as best as my expertise can articulate. It resembles a Killarney 306 Red, slightly less bent and larger. Can someone identify what I just bought and maybe throw in some history too? Its handsome appeal and Peterson credentials prompted the purchase. Thank you! jimms