Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A Study in Peterson Sherlockiana.

A Study in Peterson Sherlockiana.

I have noticed recently on several pipe forums,that many pipe smokers appear to have rekindled their interest in the Sherlock Holmes legend.
I would deduce from this, that the re-incarnation of the original characters in recent Hollywood films, coupled to the screening of the new modern BBC television version has helped bring this situation about.
As most Peterson aficionados know the issue of the various Sherlock Holmes pipes by Peterson over the years has brought about a dedicated following for these charismatic, affordable collectables. This year the issue of the most recent versions sending a global buzz through the ranks of the many Holmes fans.

I have in my own collection the 'Original' seven day set and rack from the early 1990's, which was my first introduction to these pipes. Subsequently I added the 'Return' set of seven and rack, which was brought out to capitalise on the success of the 'Original'.They also issued around this time a 'Junior' version that failed to entice me, since they were smaller sized pipes and replicated the original shapes.

Later Peterson decided to introduce a quality Meerschaum version of the 'Original' seven day set, including a distinctive black wooden 7 pipe rack to contrast with the pale white pipes. These are high grade Turkish Block Meerschaums that are worth the $$ and the trouble to acquire them. They are not widely available. Likely the limiting factor is the availability of the Block, as Peterson has high standards for the Turkish Block they will use on these Pipes. The Block is carved in Turkey, Turkish law forbids the export of the raw Sepiolite, and are assembled in the Peterson factory. The Block is lighter in weight than the bit. These pipes smoke wonderfully and colour rapidly, with the use of Beeswax.
I am very fortunate to have acquired a full set and rack of these wonderful pipes which form the centrepiece of my modern Pete collection.

This year Peterson decided to add another four new briarpipes to the Sherlock Holmes series. These are now being issued as the 'Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' 4-pipe set. I have just added a smooth red version of the set to compliment my existing collection.

Very occasionally Peterson issue higher quality, one off versions, of the various Sherlock Holmes shapes. Most of these are released for trade exhibitions and shows, to advertise the inherent skills of the Peterson craftsmen at their very best. Most of these fine examples are finished with amazing silver-work. Examples of these rare pipes surface eventually through selected Peterson appointed retailers.
Again I have been fortunate to acquire some examples of these wonderful pipes.

Please see below examples from my various mini collections of this iconic range of pipes, which have helped cement Petersons world wide reputation for innovative pipe design for classic shape quality pipes.


  1. Talk about Pete porn! This is it at it's highest level, especially those silver spigot pipes.
    Tis a wonderful collection Jim.

  2. Thanks old friend.I keep my radar tuned especially for the annual 'Pete Specials;which seem to inevitably be silver spigot SH,s Peterson craftsmanship at its best.