Saturday, 20 August 2011

Old Stuff.

Old Stuff
I love Peterson pipe history, as the regular Blog visitors may well know.
The brand is one of the few still going that can take you time travelling down the years.
As well as the hunting for and acquisition of older Pete pipes,I love looking for old Pete memorabilia.
Recently my good friends Mark Irwin and Gary Malmberg,drew my attention to an old significant Peterson related Postcard on E-bay, which caught their interest and was acquired for inclusion in the new book.

This prompted me to go hunting and to see if I could find any treasure.I managed to source a Postcard from around 1900 which appeared to show a Peterson Pipe.Even although it may not be one, it is clearly in the Peterson style.Coupled to the poem I thought it quaint and collectable.Evocative of golden times past.
Here is a photo of my new acquisition.

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