Friday, 12 August 2011

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 4 Pipe Set.

The  Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 4 Pipe Set.

Having just celebrated my 65th Birthday I had decided that I needed a gift from myself .What to get?
After great deliberation I decided that I needed to crown my collection of the various Sherlock Holmes series with the latest 2011 four pipe 'Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' set.
I shopped around and eventually decided to purchase a smooth set from Cup O'Joes. Amazingly the set arrived four days after placing the order!!! how is that for service!Unbelievable.
I am pleased to share some early photos with you all.
I was initially apprehensive about purchasing them as they were very shiny!!!However it is the usual tale of seeing them up close and handling them.On arrival I was mightily impressed,in this Burgundy wine finish, they are simply stunning to look at.In the hand they are great and very tactile,especially the quirky sitter,the 'Hopkins' and the beautiful 'Gregson'(my personal favourite).
The 'Moran' is also a looker,of the four it is probably the most typical shape for inclusion to the esteemed Sherlock Holmes ranks.
The large billiard shaped 'Sylvius' is to my taste the least appealing as a lover of bent pipes.






  1. Hi, Jim,
    The Sherlock Holmes series is impressive. Congratulations on your birthday acquisitions! A belated Happy birthday to you!

  2. Oh no, that's not nice at all ;-)
    Nice find Jim. I especially like the Hopkins.

  3. Thank you Vincent,hope you and the family are all well my friend.