Saturday, 9 June 2012

New Kapp & Peterson Book - Update.

As most regular Blog followers are aware, work is currently underway on the production of a completely new Kapp & Peterson Reference Book.
The editorial team involved in the books development had previously requested the assistance of Peterson pipe lovers the world over to provide suitable material, anecdotes, photos,catalogues etc.This has proven hugely successful and has necessitated additional time and effort to include as much as possible.We were tentatively looking to target 2014 for a completion date for publishing. However recent events have overtaken that original thinking.

We have just received some very good news from Tom Palmer (the Peterson CEO) this morning regarding the book:

1.  Peterson will buy the book at wholesale from the publishers, Briar Books Press, to distribute internationally.

2. In tandem with this Peterson will issue a commemorative pipe(s)/book combination set for the 150th anniversary of Kapp & Peterson in 2015.

I am that sure all serious fans of the brand will appreciate the timing and the pleasure that such a great reference will give to all who eventually have the opportunity to purchase.


  1. Sounds fantastic, Jim! Thanks for letting us know.

  2. Brilliant! I'll bet the whole project has exceeded every expectation.

  3. Good news … however, if I check your publisher web site, it seems that it will be relatively difficult to buy one from outside the US... as an alternative, have you considered the possibility to use the 'on demand printing' model as do?
    Best regards,
    A peterson brand's lover

    1. As previously stated, Peterson now have the World -wide distribution rights.The book will be widely available to all.
      There are no plans to adopt any other methods such as you suggest.

  4. Bryan Gesinger11 June 2012 at 06:31

    Very exciting news! I look forward to obtaining a commemorative pipe as well as a copy of __The Peterson Chronicles.__