Friday, 1 June 2012

June is busting out all over!

Just finished a great smoke outside enjoying Natures bounty.June is certainly bust-in out all over here in bonnie Scotland!

I find that my frequency of lighting up and my choice of tobacco is all over the place at this time of the year.Today however I decided to go with a Sherlock Holmes 'Hopkins',stuffed full with Peterson's Nutty Cut.

Today is dry and sunny and is typical of the recent good spell of weather which we have been enjoying. We are very fortunate and privileged to be residing here in a beautiful rural environment. As I was puffing and sipping slowly on my trusty Pete, I could partake in better visual and hearing experiences than those on the un-holy monster that is television.
I think we take for granted things like Swallows zooming frantically nest building and feeding,Crickets chattering in long grass, Bees buzzing and the erratic flight of Butterflies.Not forgetting the olfactory delights of scented shrubs and flowers.

It's a wonderful world,enjoy it while you can.


  1. Agreed! Sometimes we just have to make the most of the weather and just detach! :)

  2. Spring has busted out here in the Mid Atlantic too. Seeing is limited to the forests that surrond us but the trees are as green as can be. Potato plants aare starting to show above ground as are the peanuts so famously grown in this area.