Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Peterson Christmas Pipes

Peterson Christmas Pipes.

I always thought that it was strange that Peterson were late to the market with their version of Christmas pipes. Considering that the brand has been going for nearly 150 years now.

Since the introduction of their first true Christmas pipe in 2009,which was similar
to the Peterson Year Pipe. It was a special limited edition, featuring a smooth finish, fishtail mouthpiece, and a Sterling silver band with a Christmas tree stamped on it. The bowl was stamped with the Peterson logo and "Christmas 2009". Made in Ireland.
There was only one shape offered, a sitter in one of Petersons newer shapes. Example below.

The most recent 20110 and 2011 pipes are still not being termed Christmas pipes,but strangely listed on Petersons home page as 'Holiday Season Pipes'. I can only assume that this is primarily for political correctness.
Here an example of the 2010 in a B11 shape.

The newer 'Christmas/Holiday' pipes are being produced in basic cheaper entry level classic shapes,in smooth shiny coloured finishes. Here is an example of my most recent acquisition,a 2011 B10 in a green coloured finish. I look forward to lighting it up on the day with my various seasonal tobacco blends. Have a very merry Christmas holiday everyone!
2011 Christmas Pipe B10


  1. Beautiful pipe;the B10 just sent mine back.Smoke a half bowl the finish bubbled and the green stain came out on my top it off the front of the chamber was deeply chard.Hope you have better luck with your's.The Basement Shaman

  2. Beautiful! I have the B10 under my tree waiting. I was hoping to find their new lighters, but can't seem to find them yet.

  3. Anonymous,sorry to hear of your bad experience.
    I can only state that my experience so far with this issue has been a positive one.

  4. A very nice seasonal selection Jim!

    I'm still on my first tin of Nutty Cut but I think it will definitely be a regular in my rotation.

  5. Ok, I got B10 and have used it a few times. Best Peterson pipe I've had thus far. I'm glad I got one!

  6. Really beautiful pipes. You've got an excellent collection.

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