Monday, 25 April 2011

Celebrating my new Smoking Seat.

As most of the regular Pete Nuts are aware, I have some mobility issues.I do not venture far around the adjoining area or countryside,confining myself to the garden and house frontage.
My good lady wife recently commissioned a local handyman to construct a suitable small seat at our house driveway for me to enjoy, while smoking my pipe.
It blends in nicely with our house and wall and is very pleasant to sit and enjoy on a good sunny day.I am very pleased with it.

Well,I just had to have an Easter smoke on it!

For those that are interested the pipe I am smoking in the photo is a Peterson Limited edition Sandblast 2008 Pipe of the Year.
When this pipe was first issued it received mixed reviews from Pete enthusiasts,I could never understand the main criticism that it was 'ugly'.I purchased the sandblast finish illustrated here which I personally feel is a very handsome pipe and contrasts beautifully with the amazing quality Celtic scroll silver-work.
The pipe itself is again a favourite size and shape,a large elegant version of Petersons shape 69 topped off with the Bowl silver embellishment.
This pipe is in fact one of my best smokers and only comes out for 'special' occasions.Which this was!Happy Easter everyone.


  1. Tis a handsome pipe indeed my friend. The old fella setting in the seat isn't bad either.

  2. Ha! ,Chuck you old smoothie.Thank you.

  3. Don't get caught dumping ash in the flower-pots!

  4. I will just say I was fertilizing the plants with some Potash supplement! LOL.

  5. Hey, that pipe looks familiar! I think I'll smoke it's brother on the way home tonight in your honor.
    Happy Easter my friend.

  6. I thought that you might recognise a good pipe when you see it Vincent!
    Thank you my friend.

  7. Hi Jim - I just bought one of these beauties (smooth finish) in Paris and am currently enjoying breaking it in on evening strolls along the Seine (it's a tough job, I know!). Smokes perfectly and is an instant favourite that will go into daily service - why only bring out such a gem for "special" occasions? All the best, Simon