Thursday, 3 March 2011

Pipe Focus - The Writers Series.

The Writers Series.

When Peterson first issued this limited edition series, I was curious, but not impressed by them.
With hindsight I think it was the new unique shapes that I could not warm to. Being a traditionalist, I suppose they were at first glance,a bit quirky for my taste. However I have since managed to see them up close and slowly come round to appreciate them more, particularly as individual pipes.

Inspired by four of Ireland' s most famous writers, James Joyce, George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde and William Butler Yeates.
Each pipe comes engraved with a symbol of a writing quill in the silver band. All are fitted with fishtail mouthpieces and two of the pipes are fitted with 9mm filters.

Weight: each approx.2.11oz 59.8g
Stem Material: Vulcanite
Material: Briar
Finish: Smooth,ebony,rustic and sandblast.
Band: Sterling Silver(hallmarked)
Lip: Fishtail

Prices for boxed sets can vary between $600 and $900 depending on choice of finish.

The James Joyce fittingly, is a remarkable and interesting shape. The egg shaped bowl, with a pinched shank junction, widens out some before tapering off through the stem. Quirky and without convention, it's appropriately named Joyce.

The Shaw, sharp in angle and profile, is the most active shape of the series. The dynamism of form costs nothing in comfort, being superbly enjoyable in hand, especially in this smooth finish.

The Oscar Wilde, is celebrated as this graceful Dublin which is stained in cherry red. Evocative of the wit and charm that personified the ingenious celebrity.

The stem of this Yeats shape, adds a sense of dynamism to the overall form, complimented by the bowl's canted angle. The red finish and sterling silver band, serve greatly to accentuate the impression.

Overall, I am humbled by having to admit, that I have been too quick to judge this series on the basis of an initial cursory impression. I am warming to the unique shapes,but in particular I am mightily impressed by the superb construction and finish of this smooth set. The bowls are all thick walled , the pipes regardless of shape are very tactile and pleasant to hold. Although mine will be kept in pristine boxed condition and remain un- smoked, I can tell from the good construction that they all will have excellent draws.


  1. I have been on the prowl for that very set (the smooth versions), since I first saw them. Alas, no luck so far.

    Would you happen to have any leads on places/sites I might check? I'd greatly appreciate it...


  2. hi jim.
    thanx.very impressive weblog.
    i am going to buy writers collection in next few days.i dont able to choose ebony or rustic.i have system 317 ebony and it is too overheat and very bad breathe.i afraid ebony writers collection are the same.but i like more the black ebony.if you have the same idea and consider the rustic ,please tell me to change my mind.excuse me my bad english.