Thursday, 27 October 2011

Peterson Nutty Cut Tobacco - A brief Initial Review.

Peterson Nutty Cut Tobacco - A brief Initial Review.

This new aromatic offering from Peterson unfortunately caused me to pre-judge it. My prejudice being stoked by the likelihood of the aromatic qualities and taste based on the many other Peterson-Kohlhase & Kopp blends which I have tried over the years. Especially when one reads the exotic fruity product description i.e. “Coconut, Rum, and Macadamia Nut”,makes it sound more like a confection of fruit dessert than a tobacco!.Often in the past on reading similar descriptions, I was nearly always disappointed with the tobacco when put in a pipe bowl and tested.
However this one proved to be the exception to those preconceptions. I really did enjoy it! Not bad for a straight Virginia lover!
The aroma from the blend on opening the tin promises much delight. The ribbon cut was not too moist and packed easily into the bowl. After an easy ignition, I did not tamp it very much and kept it loose for the first few minutes ,again wrongly anticipating to maybe having a few re-lights. It burned very nice and steady. However, I had to sip slowly and reduced my smoking cadence to match the tendency for the mixture to overheat a bit..My wife immediately commented on the room note by saying “that is different from your usual farmyard mix!!”I could grow to like that one”.
I could not sense/taste the Rum or Coconut flavours,maybe down to me having dedicated to Virginias for too long. While the mix is sweet, it is not overwhelming. There is a definite nutty flavour ,experienced more toward the bottom of the bowl.
As you may have gathered I am not usually a big fan of Aromatics,however I could grow to have this one occasionally in my rotation, for a pleasant change of pace. I will be stocking -up on more of it.
So much for assumptions and prejudice!!


  1. Hello Jim, I've been expecting your review of this tobacco. Thank you for it. I will now be looking fwd to seeing it on my tobacconist's counter (we are a bit delayed in this part of the world). Oh yes, I have just acquired from a German widow lady the whole set of the Original Serlock Holmes collection with its original rack for the funny price of 440 €. Today was a good day :)

  2. Hi Lukas,good to hear from you again.Glad you enjoyed the brief review.
    The set of Sherlock Holmes pipes which you have just acquired was a bargain at that price,well done. I hope they bring you many happy years of enjoyment my friend.
    Kindest regards