Monday 24 October 2011

Captain Pete Pipes.

Captain Pete Pipes.

At the end of the eighties just as the Sherlock Holmes range was being issued, Peterson reintroduced the modern Captain Pete series. The pipe bowls on these modern versions are all based on the Sherlock Holmes shapes.
The modern Captain Pete line available from Cup O'Joe's is an exclusive, to them issue. They are XL size pipes that mirror the Kinsale and SH series of pipes with slightly shorter p-lip mouthpieces.
The pipes in this unique and popular series are often erroneously referred to as Peterson 'seconds'.
With reference to the origin of the name 'Captain Pete'. As you are aware from the historical information, Charles Peterson was a rather large imposing figure, who stood out somewhat from the crowd. His military manner and nautical style of dress helped give birth to the nickname 'Captain Peterson', by both his employees and the general public who frequented his shop.

Previously there were two separate issues of pipes which had the Captain Pete name.
"Captain Pete" and "Captain Peterson" were two Peterson's sub-brand issues made in England and were also sometimes manufactured in Dublin until the late 1960's when the London premises closed. I have an early London made 1938-40 issue Oom Paul shape 02 Captain Pete in my own collection.(Photo below)

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